Buster in a Bag

People go through great lengths to get free stuff. This stuff accumulates around the house, and its best value is the tax break from donating it during spring cleaning. I am just as guilty as the rest of them, but in this case, I came out the winner! Last summer, I had a long week at work and free tickets to the Friday night Giants game. Granted I am a whole-hearted Giant’s fan, I was in no mood to be anywhere but my couch. However, the tickets were free AND it was t-shirt giveaway night. Two things a girl can’t pass up.
We waited in the long line to receive an XL Buster Posey bright orange Giant’s shirt. There were three things wrong with this scenario: a) Orange is not my color b) I do not wear an XL and c) I was grumpy and had to wait in a longer line than normal to get into the Giants game. None of this has anything to do with this DIY post, other than the fact that I dug up this shirt to re-purpose it for this project. I saw this DIY grocery bag post today as I was perusing Honestly WTF (one of my daily blog reads) and I rushed home from work with crafting on my mind.

The great thing about this project is that you won’t have to go buy anything. All you need is a big old t-shirt, scissors, and a safety pin. I went with my Buster Posey XL Giants free giveaway shirt, as you already know.

How to make your very own T-Shirt Re-usable Bag:

1. Pick a t-shirt, grab some scissors (fabric ones work well but aren’t necessary), and a safety pin.

2. Cut off the sleeves as if you were making a tank top

3. Cut the collar off in a U shape- again, as if you were making a tank top

4. Make 2-3 cuts in the bottom seam, depending on how small you want the bottom scrunched holes to be. Be sure to cut up to the seam, not through it. This will be used to string through the pieces of fabric.

5. Trim a strip of fabric off of the leftover sleeve you cut off.

6. Put the safety pin on the end of the strip and weave it through a section of the bottom seam.

7. Scrunch the fabric together to make a circle. Then tie together, leaving some strings if you want some danglies. Repeat until the bottom is tied together.

8. All done! Use as you please. Remember it is t-shirt material, so it’s not the most sturdy, but its seems like it will be a perfect farmer’s market bag.

I also added a strip of leftover fabric to the handle so I can bundle it up and tie it together to fit nicely into my purse. I am sure you can think of some of your own additions to spice it up and make it your own.

Well, I am happy that I found a use for that bright orange Giant’s shirt since it was just taking up space in the back of my closet. Plus, I can join the “buy everything you possibly can with a Giant’s logo on it since they won the world series” group without having to pay for it. I swear the only thing I have seen my father wear since October is orange & black, soon to be a tattoo he says. A story for another post.

This year I could just go to the re-usable Giants bag giveaway day, but where would the fun in that be?

Goooo Giantss!!

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