As Easy as Pie Stand

Do you know where the phrase as easy as pie came from? Well I didn’t either until I googled it just now. I always doubt my phrases that come to mind, so I have to double check them before writing them down. Usually it works to my benefit though, since I learn a little something. I figured that “as easy as pie” referred to how easy it is to make pie, which I thought was a little strange since it is no easy or quick task. But, no. It was originated in the 19th century, referring to the ease of eating apple pie. I guess it’s easy to eat since it tastes so good? I still don’t fully understand it, but  there is your fun fact for the day.

Now onto my pie/cake/cookie stand post. I first got the inspiration for this when I was at Dartealing, a cute tea room in Soma. I first found the tea room while walking to lunch near my new office, and then decided to go for a girlfriend’s birthday a few weekends ago. It is my favorite tea room in the city yet, and is very similar to the tea room that I want to open one day. I will be sure to tell you more about my future tea and craft room in another post! Anyways, instead of only having 3 tiered stands like many tea shops, they had cute 1 tier cake stands. I examined them, and found out that all there was to it was a candle stick, glue, and a cute plate on top. The shopping started.

I went to the Alameda Point Antiques Fair recently, and I was at my first booth and found an awesome plate. It was the first booth of hundreds, so I put the plate down, walked around the whole booth to think about whether or not I wanted the plate. In the meantime, a lady picked up my plate and was looking very interested in it. I started hovering over her because I immediately realized how much I wanted the plate now that I couldn’t have it. Then, the terrible thing happened which made me learn a valuable lesson. She bought my plate. MY plate! But I had no claim on it since I wasn’t holding it or had paid for it. I will never do that again, that is for sure. Fast forward to last weekend at a consignment store called Leftovers off of Polk Street. I found another cute plate, carried it around the whole store with me until I was ready to purchase it. On the way out I found a candlestick holder too! Killed two birds with one stone. At that point, the only thing between me and making my stand was dinner plans and a glue gun.

I tried bargaining but the lady told me it was too cute to lower the price. Totally understandable.

Purchased the glue gun, and was on my way to put together the stand. I put the glue on the rim of the candle stand and placed the plate on top, centering it on the stamp/brand on the bottom of the plate. Little did I know that the stamp was not in the center. While I realized this, the glue stuck and was not moving. My perfectly cute stand was lopsided. I called over a helper who knew what he was doing. He turned on my hair blow dryer and took a knife to it and finally it undid (good to know you can’t get the glue too hot- no dishwashing!)

My lopsided stand 🙁

Now back to square one. This time, I turned the plate upside down and put the candlestick with the glue on the rim to the real center of the plate. Muchhh better that time. And voila! A beautiful, colorful, dessert stand that only cost me $10. Luckily the repairman was free of charge.

See how the stamp throws you off?

Grab a cute plate and an old candlestick and you can make one too! Another idea is to paint the candlestick to go with the plate colors. I’ll keep you posted if I try that version too 🙂

  1. You are so funny. So the question is do you like this plate as much as the one you lost? Also, have you tried putting a cake/pie on it to see if it works. Maybe that could be a reward for the handy man.

    1. haha unfortunately not! I love this one but the other one was cuter. Do you like seeing your kitchen counter in all the pics? 🙂 And yes, I will be sure to fill the stand with goodies soon..

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