Trucks, Tunes, and Vino Tinto

Outside lands is coming to San Francisco this weekend. I went last year for the first time and it’s a weekend long music festival in Golden Gate Park. Last year a friend of mine got us free tickets because he was the tour accountant for one of the bands. Who knew that was a real job?? Anyways, the tickets came with this cool sticker that said “Artist Pass” on it. I thought I got some fancy sticker that I could put on my water bottle or something. Little did I know. Towards the end of the day, we met up with him and he was trying to get us backstage and asked us where our passes were. Huh? We didn’t have any backstage passes. Turns out that cool sticker was a backstage pass and we could have spent the whole day in the VIP section watching different artists. Psshh I like the seats wayyy in the back where the band looks like ants better anyways. Here is one of my silly pics we took last year with Bob Marley:

Writing about a music festival in a food/craft blog confusing you yet? Well guess what. The cool company where I work is partnering with Outside Lands. Outside Lands is giving food bloggers a free 3 day pass to write a simple post on what food you are going to eat (from the food trucks), what wine you are going to drink, while listening to what song. Sign me up! Not going to lie, there are only a few bands that I actually know what they sing. My pandora consists of 2 radio stations: Glee and Eric Hutchinson…needless to say these are not the same genre as Outside Lands bands.

But, I do love MGMT and re-discovered their song “Kids“. It reminds me of this blog a little because writing this brings me back to the simplicity of childhood- eating sweets and doing crafts all day. I guess I have grown-up from drinking hot chocolate to now drinking tea, but that’s about it. I even have a self-proclaimed bed time. When it’s time to eat at the music festival this weekend, I am going back to the good ‘ole days. Mac and cheese anyone? Heck yes. I remember making Kraft Mac and cheese out of the box, always forgetting to check if there was milk in the fridge. Half the time having to go to the neighbors house with my measuring cup, or worst case scenario, using the dried milk powder my mom kept in the house. yuck. Wanna know a secret? I still eat the stuff every once in a while. I even was making it one day while blogging. Remember this project?

The mac and cheese I will get at the festival will be a lil fancier than the box…either from Andalu or Little Skillet. I have had them both and they are scrumptious. Andalu’s has a good crispy topping, and Little Skillet is extra creamy and cheesy. I will just have to see where my mood takes me. This is Andalu’s crispy, herbed mac and cheese:

You are or course wondering what’s for dessert. Well that’s a no-brainer–ice cream! Did you know ice cream is my favorite dessert? It’s a close tie with chocolate chip cookies, but I think it wins. I have 2 options: Three Twins or Loving Cup. I’ve never had Three Twins before, but I have heard good things about the cardamom ice cream. Loving Cup, on the other hand, is a place I frequent. You pick toppings to put in your fresh yogurt and they mix it in (kinda like a McFlurry but better…and probably better for you). My new favorite is vanilla yogurt with junior mints and nutella. It sounds like a weird combo, but it works wonderfully.

And for wine. Honestly, I feel like a little kid again because I don’t like pairing my wine with food. I just think eating should be paired with water. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some wine, but I like it before or after my meal and dessert. I will drink most all wines, so I will probably just find myself a Cabernet (might choose Tres Sabores just because I like the name), grab a seat on the lawn (no backstage stickers this year!), and enjoy the music in the park.

Hope to see you all at Outside Lands!

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