Halloween Cake Pop Contest with Bakerella!

I knew cake pops were going to be no easy feat, but I have a new found respect for Bakerella. The company I work for partners with many blogs, so we are fortunate to have the authors to come in every once in a while and tell us about their site. Bakerella was coming in since she was on her book tour in SF, and it was decided that we would have a cake pop contest with the Cake Pop Queen herself as the judge. Obviously, I had to participate but little did I know that it was going to be a multiple day project.

I got pretty excited about this cake pop contest…so much so that I caught myself laying in the final resting pose in yoga  thinking about what Halloween cake pops I was going to make.

If you are going to try this adventure, here are the ingredients you will need:

a baked cake

3/4 of a can Frosting or about 1.5 cups homemade

Lollipop sticks

Melting chocolates

Any candies that you want to use to decorate

To save time and energy, I would suggest baking the cake the day before you are going make the cake pops since the process is already long and tedious as it is! Once baked, crumble it up and stir in the frosting.

Then start rolling! You can make them into balls, or different shapes, depending on what characters you are making.

I put them in the freezer for about 20 minutes and then stuck the lollipop stick in the ball.

Melt the chocolate according the directions, dip them, and set them out to dry (search your kitchen for something that will work-mine was an upside down basket). These are the start of my “poison apples”:

I used some black licorice to make the witches hair…

Between the earthquake shaking my fragile cake pops, my messy hands, and candy melts drying too fast, I didn’t have time to take pictures. But here is the final product:

The morning of the contest, I felt like a kid in a candy store. The eight contestants all had their wonderful cake pops and we swapped our cake pop mishap stories. The women’s voices were buzzing and I couldn’t get a lick of work done- it was all just too exciting! There were 4 FM employees that participated, and we invited 4 fellow foodbuzz bloggers to join as well.

Here are the great Halloween Cake Pops:

Halloween colored cake pops by Beth at Pretty By the Bay

Monster’s Inc goes trick-or-treating!

Candy Corn cake pops with yummy carrot cake inside made by Jenna at Eat, Live, Run

All sorts of Halloween characters made by Gina at SP Cookie Queen

Cake pop in a coffin. Too creative.

The scary clown from Saw

Went in for a trim and got scalped!

This one was my favorite…she used spaghetti to make the hellraiser:

And I snagged a picture with Bakerella herself! Is it weird that I was a little “internet star struck”? I just love her site and it was great to get to meet her in person.

This photo is courtesy of Mugs, my coworker and organizer of the cake pop event. She is a great photographer and sure did plan a fun day for all of us bakers!

Happy Halloween!!

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