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Ever notice that when you have all the time in the world to do something, you get absolutely nothing done? I feel like now that I have a full time job and am busy most of the day, I keep myself busy even in my downtime, like writing this blog for example. But, when I was unemployed, I was on the unemployed schedule and hours would fly by while having accomplished a whole lot of nothing. The sad part is that I didn’t even watch a lot of good tv shows, start a food blog, or get in really good shape. Wanna know what I did? I facebooked and g-chatted. When I finally gave up facebook for lent during my funemployment, not only did a I find myself a job, I found myself a job in social media no less. That is what I like to call irony.

What is not ironic is that I did manage to do a few craft projects. Phew. These five-year-olds-can-make-them placecards prove that I did get something accomplished during my long days of freedom. I brought them with me to my aunt’s Thanksgiving in NYC where I also got to experience my first Thanksgiving Day Parade. And my first NYC Black Friday shopping. I decided the parade is almost more fun to watch in your pj’s snuggled up on your couch, but Black Friday shopping at Macy’s Herald Square is not to be missed.

They are cute, fun, and add a little something personalized to sit next to you while you stuff yourself full of Thanksgiving goodies. The little turkey stares at you and cheers you on as you plow through your first and second servings. Don’t forget to wear your stretchy pants to dinner.

Adrienne’s turkey lost its beak!

I went to Jon’s family Thanksgiving last year for the first time and made a second batch of turkeys since I didn’t want to show up empty handed! His mom is a crafter too so I knew she would appreciate them.

Wanna make them too? It’s easy. For the feathers, just cut leaf like shapes out of different colored papers. Glue them on in a fanned out fashion on the folded side of your placecard. Cut out a little turkey head similar to what I’ve shown here, a triangle for the beak, and a red squiggly thing for his wattle (did you know that’s what it was called?! thank you google). Add a thanksgiving shape like my pumpkin in the corner if you feel so inclined, or leave it off. Draw in 2 dots for the eyes, write in the name of your guest, and then you got yourself some turkey placecards!


2 Responses

  1. Mine looked like he’s bleeding! Ha!
    I’m glad you got to use them again, there is nothing like reusing crafts. It’s like doing a performance more than once, it gets better the more you do it.

  2. Loved, loved, loved them. They were a hit last year and all were happy to see them again. And thank you for doing your magic for Miss Anaka – she loved them so much that she must have taken hers home last year. Thank you.

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