A Birthday Fit for a Queen

Today is a special day that my mom and I share. So today (and last weekend) I have been celebrating. Celebrating life & love. And what to do in the name of celebration? I believe it calls for delicious meals with loved ones. And that is what I did.

Jon and I were first starting to date last year when he took me out to a fancy meal for my birthday. Well, he doesn’t have to impress me anymore, but he set the bar pretty high and there was no turning back. Where to he asked? Chez Panisse pretty pleaseeee.

And so we went. And it was wonderful.

The whole premise of Chez Panisse is that they don’t decide on the menu until the week of because they pick the freshest ingredients from the garden. The head chef, Alice Waters, started the “Slow Food Movement.” meaning to eat local and in season. No decisions and a delicious meal? Sounds good to me.

The surprise main course: Lamb chops

My special occasion nails (I think Grandma would be proud)

Chocolate Torte

The celebration weekend¬† continued on Sunday with my girlfriends. It’s my birthday so I can have a tea party if I want to, right?

Lovejoy’s is on the cusp of the Mission and Noe Valley in SF and is your Grandma’s house turned into a tea room. Millions of knickknacks, antiques, and the exact same couch that my great grandma used to have.

High tea for me

Lovejoy’s, you are simply lovely and I can’t wait to return.

One last celebration today with my family to make the big 26 complete.

I got to say, I feel like one lucky lady.


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