Eggnog Tea Latte

Growing up, if we weren’t at Gram’s for Christmas, we were at my Dad’s cousins house where Nan is known for her famous egg nog. One day I will get the recipe and figure out how to make it myself, but until then, I will just envision her in the kitchen with a giant mess of egg whites and alcohol. And I will fondly remember watching the adults play charades after one too many of said egg nogs.

This is not as exciting as homemade egg nog, but I was wanting a tea latte this morning and thought about how good an egg nog latte sounds sans coffee. So, down to fillmore street I went and bought myself my first carton of egg nog this season. I also searched for one of those cool frother things at the grocery store so I could make a fancy latte but none were in sight. Maybe Santa will bring me one in my stocking this year?

There are a few simple ways you can do this:

1. Just add egg nog to your black tea as you would milk


2. Warm up about half  of a mug full of egg nog and fill up the rest of the mug with steeped black tea for a latte. Froth the egg nog if you can!

I bought light egg nog, but the full fat stuff is even tastier if you want that. Isn’t the Santa cow cute?

And you got yourself an egg nog tea latte to keep you warm on these cold winter nights.

Sitting on top of the heater vent, listening to “Glee Holiday” Pandora station while drinking your egg nog latte is advised for the best possible experience.

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  1. Shall we see if Nan can share her receipe for the real one. Could be fun for Christmas, got to teach the next generation to play charades.

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