Luca Villa’s Sugar Cookies {Holiday Cookie Swap}

My boyfriend’s nephew, Luca, was kind enough to show us how even a 1 year old can make holiday sugar cookies. He is pretty talented and you can follow more of his adventures on his very own blog.

To make delicious cookies you need a good baking tray.  Make sure it can stand up to an overactive child.

I don’t know where this stuff came from but it goes on the tray like this.

This may look random but if you connect the dots it’s actually the map of France.

No self respecting chef would hang around while the cookies bake.  He would go grab an espresso during that time.

Always nice to know that the frosting is fresh.  (Even the stuff from a can can appear fresh until you taste it with your discriminating tongue.)

Once I learned how to use a spoon, spreading the frosting on the cookies is a breeze.

To top it off, add a little dash of peppermint sprinkles for a festive treat.  (If you’re in the 1% then you’ll want to substitute with truffle sprinkles.)

Et voila!  Even a baby can bake cookies.  Enjoy!

Thanks Luca Villa! I have to say, you must be the youngest, most tongue- in-cheek 1 year old I know.

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