Virtual Holiday Cookie Swap!

It’s officially that time of the year. Treats everywhere. Parties galore. Cocktails in abundance. Holiday music in the air. Decoration overload. Shopping like there’s no tomorrow. Baking like you have never baked before. Tired already? Creativity gone? Let me help. I can’t help you shop for gifts (but I might be able to tell you where the best deal is:). I can’t be at all your mid-week holiday parties to remind you that your fifth cocktail on a school night will ultimately lead to a terrible day at work. I can’t do anything about 96.5 playing only Christmas music for a full month. But, I can do what I do best and help you find some great holiday dessert recipes. Ever been to one of those cookie exchange parties where you have to bring 6 dozen homemade cookies? Then you eat some cookies while you were there, bring a tupperware and leave with almost 6 dozen of everyone else’s cookies. Who in their right mind wants to bake 6 dozen of the same cookies and bring 6 dozen home just for the cookies to sit in your kitchen and tempt you? I am boycotting the 6 dozen rule this year and only bringing however many the recipe makes. A cookie exchange rebel I am. Photo Courtesy of Anyways, I thought it would be fun to have a “Virtual Holiday Cookie Swap” on my blog since we don’t all live in the same place. I have enlisted friends and family to make their favorite holiday treats and share the recipes so we can break free from our holiday ruts and start some creative baking. Get ready for a full month of mouth drooling Christmas treats that won’t make your pants tight (unless you decide to bake all of them on your own! which is of course, highly encouraged). Starting……tomorrow! In the meantime, you wanna know what else is fun during the holidays? Yankeeee Swaps!

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