I went from a swimsuit & flip flops to a scarf, gloves, & uggs in a matter of days. Portland was cold and Portland snowed on us, but Portland is a great city. Gresham is a hidden gem east of Portland with a fancy old folk’s home that treated us right. Grandpa G skipped his wii golf game this weekend in order to entertain us with activities and witty sense of humor.

First we met Herman the Sturgeon at the fish hatchery.

Then we had some crazy delicous Salmon Chowder at Skamania Lodge.

We stopped by our Uncle Bruce’s house in snowy Sandy.

Nothing better than drinking tea in a winter wonderland.

We sampled some beers at Deschutes Brewery.

The Dunn Family has very different beverage choices.

I met my “little sis” at Stumptown in downtown Portland for some hot chocolate.

My Grandpa told me that Portland used to be nick-named Stumptown. I guess it was growing so fast that they had to clear the land out quickly, and for a while there were just tree stumps, no city. He is full of fun facts.

The men had a plaid party.

We got one last tax-free shopping trip in (where I found supplies for numerous craft projects to come…) and we were off! A quick but fun weekend with Gillette’s.

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