Mardi Gras Nails

Fat Tuesday. The day before Ash Wednesday. Which really means the day to over-indulge before giving up something for 40 whole days and nights. Which is exactly why people are partying hard for Mardi Gras right now. Want to know how I am celebrating? I am painting my nails. Mardi Gras nail art has consumed my evening. Yes, I have turned lame in my old age of 26. But believe-you-me I’ve had a whole lifetime of fun on Fat Tuesday in one trip. I went to the party of all parties in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil: Carnaval.

I didn’t have pretty nails during Carnaval but I did have a nicely re-purposed t-shirt. In order to be safer and have some more room to walk and dance in the parade, you buy a ticket to a concert. The concert consists of a big truck with a Brazilian musician on top. They play their music and you get to walk next to the truck, inside the rope. And for the rope holders to know that you are part of the concert, you get a colored t-shirt. We got our shirts in the morning and immediately took them to the corner alterations shop where a bunch of Brazilian ladies beautified our boring old t-shirts. This was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget, but don’t think I could repeat. Imagine Bay to Breakers, times it by ten, and then multiply it by 6 nights. I’m getting tired all over just thinking about it.

But I’ll be in bed on time tonight with this year’s Fat Tuesday celebration. Look at these eventful nails! I know you are jealous.

If you want some fun nails like these, let me give  you the low down. Grab some purple, green, and yellow nail polish. Gold, white, and navy blue are optional.

Paint your nails with a base purple coat. Wear your purple sweater to match and really get in the Mardi Gras mood.

Also, grab some toothpicks and wax paper. We are adding some fancy details, friends.

Start decorating! I did some dots on one nail to look like beads. I think that one is my favorite.

Then just start decorating the nails with the Mardi Gras color combo. Be creative…or just copy what I did!

Watch out! These nails are fierce.

Now the big question is, what are you giving up for LENT starting tomorrow?

Chocolate? Facebook? Bread?

Or wait, let me guess. Nail Art? I know it was time consuming, but I swear it’s fun.


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