Vital Tea Tasting

Tea Tasting. It’s awesome. I think everyone should do it. I’ve been to “tea” of course, but this is totally different and great in its very own way.

A Vital Tea tasting experience goes like this:

You sit at the bar and get a cute little tea cup.

A nice lady brews the tea, teaches you about the benefits of the tea, and serves a  taste to see what you think.

You taste the tea. Beware, some taste like dirt, popcorn, or even a farm.

Then you look at the teas along the wall and request to try some more. (Or  be like me and wait for the twelve year old sitting near you to do it so you don’t have to be embarrassed to only like the fruity teas with no health benefits)

Then you might find try a tea you really like and want to take it home with you. Yep, I chose the fruity one. Strawberry red to be exact.

And lastly, you bond with your friends over tea and burnt tongues. Pretty darn special.

Shortly after tea tasting, I got two emails from Jeff. The first was to tell us about the wonderful health benefits of our new “blue” tea that we all bought. And the other was just a fellow tea lover that wanted to share his excitement over his new teas. I won’t embarrass him too much, but I will say there were some oh my goshes, talk of subtle flavors in the tea, and the great antioxidants. Not what I expect from a 26 year old male, but I’m 100% ok with it.

I think it’s blue tea before bed time.



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