St Patrick’s Day Cupcakes & Pudding Shots

My brother was the first one to introduce me to the infamous Guinness, Bailey’s, and Jameson drink and I cannot say I thank him for it. I was visiting him at college and he almost let me drink the curdled bailey’s. I was just trying to fit in with these older, cooler college kids, how was I to know if it was ok to drink it or not? The real question is why would anyone drink a drink that curdles anyways?? Well, I think the flavors are there, but I decided to turn this into a much better tasting treat that will not curdle no matter how fast I eat it.

How about some tipsy shamrock cupcakes? A Guinness chocolate cupcake, Bailey’s chocolate pudding shot in the center, and Jameson Buttercream frosting.

Since I had some leftover Bailey’s Chocolate pudding from the cupcakes, I decided that these needed to be paired with some Jameson pudding.

Want to make these boozy St Paddy’s day treats? Check out my full post over on Hello Brit!

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  1. Drat, I tried to access the link to hello Brit and I can’t upload the recipe page. Something about a 408 error and they lost the page….

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