St. Patrick’s Day Estimation Jar

I spend a lot of time thinking about craft projects. An almost embarrassing amount of time. Sometimes when I go to execute these dreamed up projects, they turn out not as great as I had hoped. Take this St. Patrick’s Day project for example…it looks fine, but it also looks like a 5 year old could do it (which they probably could). I was thinking of giving it as a hostess gift on my upcoming trip, but I think it might be better suited as an estimation jar for my friend Allie’s second grade class. Hopefully there will be a happy second grader come St. Patrick’s Day!

If you have kids, or want to make an estimation jar for your classroom, office, etc. you can make this St. Patricks Day Rainbow jar!

Colorful candy such as M&M’s and Skittles
Clear Jar such as a mason jar or an old peanut butter jar
Mini marshmallows
Gold packaged candy such as Hershey’s nuggets

How to make:
1. Put the “gold” on bottom
2. Layer the mini marshmallows on top
3. Layer purple, then blue, then green, the yellow, then orange, then red candies until you reach the top.
4. Close the lid
5. Decorate the lid as desired!

How to play the Estimation game:
1. Make everyone estimate how many candies are in the jar
2. The person with the closest estimation wins the St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Jar!

Even though it wasn’t what I dreamed it to be, I think Allie’s class will be pretty excited to get a present in the mail!

6 Responses

  1. My kiddos LOVED it. Thank you! Now here’s the real question — did you count how many candies are in the jar, or is that my job? One kid guessed “1” in hopes everyone else would go over in their bet. Price is Right style! Ha.

    1. haha i forgot about that part when making it! maybe you guys can do a sorting and counting project 🙂 be sure to let my grandma know if she is close…looks like she wants to be entered too!

  2. Hi i was just looking online for mini peanut butter jars and i came along to this website. i was just wondering where did you buy those peanut butter jars. Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Kris, I just cleaned out an empty peanut butter jar that I had finished. It’s not a quick solution unless you eat a lot of peanut butter, but it works!

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