Zero Zero {Thursday Night Dinners}

Boy have I been trying to go to this restaurant for a long time now! Finally, the Thursday night dinner crew made it to Zero Zero, but on a Friday night.  It was a nice day outside and I had and hour to kill, so I walked the three miles from work to the restaurant. While walking, I was entertained by my Gram on the phone who told me all about her Friday movie club that included dinner and lemon drops, all before five o’clock. Can I retire yet? Unfortunately no, I have expensive dining habits to attend to.

I arrived at the odd location in Soma and was surprised by how big the restaurant was. We were seated upstairs and a bottle of wine was quickly served by our sommelier. I lived vicariously through a Coachella weekend over our first glass of wine and then it was time to order. We decided to share a bit of everything, sans the vegetables. Who needs ’em anyways?

We started with slow cooked pork belly, that were served atop a dumpling, with broccoli, and a poached egg.

Next up was pasta: Spagetthoni, spicy tomato sauce, and pancetta. It seems that all Italian restaurants in the city have this pasta that is thick, fresh and so delicious. I don’t know how they do it but I do know that I’ll be back for more.

And pizza- the reason why I wanted to come in the first place. We got the “Fillmore” pizza with lots of mushrooms and different cheeses. It was tasty, but I missed the red sauce.

Get ready for your mouth to start watering because I know mine did. They gave us a ‘customize-your-own dessert’ order form with a golf pencil… and customize we did. Chocolate lava cake, vanilla ice cream, mini chocolate chip macaroons, and hot fudge.


Overall, I think it was a perfect Friday night dinner spot. It was lively but your could still hear each other, it was normal SF priced, and was delicious.

Zero Zero

Address: 826 Folsom Street,  San Francisco, CA 94107 (SOMA District)

What you will probably spend: $40-$60 per person

Overall Rating (10 stars max): 8 stars

Highlights: Lively atmosphere, great pasta, make-your-own dessert

What to Try Next Time: Different Pizzas 

After dinner, we went to possibly the weirdest artistic event I have ever been to (think naked men covered in baby oil). Since we didn’t understand the art in this, we decided to find the art in mixology. A few Moscow and Kentucky Mules at Bloodhound…. and we called it a night. I came home to find the last piece of pizza wrapped in foil in my purse. The pizza may have even tasted better as a late night snack.


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