Grown-Ups Eat Watermelon Rice Krispy Treats

I am starting to feel like a grown-up. I am liking this whole “settled” feeling. I have lived in one place for 3 whole years in a row. I have a community of friends, a regular hair dresser/beautician/acupuncturist, a normal yoga routine, and a great new career. Former spontaneous events have turned into weekly, monthly, or annual affairs.  Traditions are being created. Same people, same place, same food, different memories all rolled into one.

Take this weekend. Jon and I made pizza and watched a movie on Friday night, just like most Friday nights. I made a silly baked good for the following day.

Saturday was a trip to Tomales Bay for Dave’s birthday, just like last year. The oysters were as delicious as ever. BBQ’ed to perfection.

And Sunday was a SCU alumni wine tasting event, just like the last couple years. We finished the day at none other than The Hut; the best bar near campus. Work on Monday is harder than class on Monday used to be.  I’m not so fond of these grown-up hangovers.

Now, take these watermelon rice krispy treats. I don’t think they represent any age of mine. I’ve loved ridiculous baked goods since I started to eat solid foods, and will continue to get a kick out of them until I’m old and gray.

Pretty fun right? Sliced just like the real thing.

Wanna make them too?

I followed this recipe to a T, so you can check out her proportions.  My best advice is to put some butter on your fingers when you are forming the rice krispy treats to the pan. Or else you are in for an even stickier mess than you already have.

Make some  regular ‘ole rice krispy treats. Add some food coloring.

Form them into the pan. Throw on some chocolate covered sunflower seeds.

Cut them up into slices, just like you would a watermelon.

Watermelon Rice Krispy Treats.

What’s not to love?

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