Easter Weekend in Amsterdam

I arrived in Zurich and a whole five days later, we were back in the airport. We were off to Amsterdam! I’m slowly finding out that not only does Europe have more vacation time than the states, they also celebrate every religious holiday by taking more time off of work. Everything is shut down on Good Friday and again on “Easter Monday”. Four days weekends for Easter? I could get used to this.

Our Nuremburg friends organized the trip, and 6 of us stayed in a rented apartment from airbnb. It was a relaxing weekend filled with lots of wandering around, bike riding, whining while bike riding, red light district culture shock, and heineken drinking.

Our one touristy event of the weekend was the Heineken Experience. Heineken happens to be Jon’s favorite beer, so it seemed to be necessary.

Besides the 4 beers that came with the ticket, it wasn’t anything to write home about. But we did get this pretty awesome picture.

Walking around the canals of Amsterdam and seeing the crooked buildings was entertainment enough. They are crooked whether you have 4 beers in you or not.

Oh the bikes. Have I mentioned I am a terrible biker?

I wish I enjoyed it, I really wish I did. But, at least I have proof that I rode one.

After a long day out and about, we enjoyed a night in making pizzas and playing a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity.

If this was any indication of weekends to come in Europe, I think we are going to do just fine here.

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  1. Oh how I LOVE Amsterdam!! You crack me up with your dislike of bicycling 🙂 I hope you two are having a wonderful time overseas! I never sent you a Christmas card, I am so sorry! They are sitting on my desk. Just sitting there. Sigh…

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