Wedding Inspiration: Unique Guest Books

As you may know (since it seems to be one of the only things I can talk about these days), I’m in the midst of wedding planning. It has been surprisingly more fun than stressful, but I owe that mostly to my amazing wedding planner. She worries about the big plans like the food, venue, tables, chairs, etc and I get to worry about the fun little details that personalize the wedding to me…um…I mean…us. Luckily, he understands…he calls it, “your wedding, our marriage.” And that’s why I’m marrying him!

Now comes the fun part. I knew there were a lot of details that go into a wedding, but honestly, I had no idea how many. At first, I was overwhelmed with the amount of things I had to do, but at this point, I have learned to break everything up into small doses. For example, this week I want to decide on my guest book for the wedding. So far, the wedding is anything but traditional, so why start with the guest book?

And the search for the unique guest book begins. My main three sources for finding inspiration photos are Pinterest, Google Images, and Etsy. Below are my Top 7 faves. The winner won’t be revealed until after the big day!

1. Have your guests sign a custom poster with a heart in the city you met or are having your wedding. This would look better if the heart was a little more north.

2. Guests can share a piece of wisdom on these “Keys to Success“. This would be easy to make yourself; just buy some skeleton keys and attach some gift tags!

3. Jenga! Who doesn’t love a good game of Jenga? Spice things up a bit and ask your guests to make it truth-or-dare themed!

4. Let your guests sign the 3D hearts and you instantly have artwork for your wall! I feel a DIY coming on…

5. How cool is this wish tree? Guests write their wishes for the bride and groom and hang them on the decorated tree. This doubles as a great entrance centerpiece.

6. Or you can go with a simpler tree, and have your guests put their thumbprint as leaves. Another great piece of artwork to put on your wall after the wedding!

7. Let your guests write on vintage postcards. You could even have a friend send them to you throughout your first year of marriage so you have snail mail to look forward to!

Any more great guest book ideas out there that I missed?


2 Responses

  1. We’ve used the thumbprint idea at school as a classroom project. Looks better with adults doing it.

    I love the heart art one, that way you can see it regularly. I can’t remember the last time I looked at my guest book.

    My friends had a fun, silly photobooth where you got a keepsake photostrip, and another copy went into the guest book that had lines to write messages on. Very cute. Our mistake was that we waited to the last minute, had too many drinks by then and the pics turned out crazy… Maybe it was a good thing?

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