30 for 30

My big brother is turning 30 today. A pretty big milestone indeed. But for a thirty year old, I’d say he has lived a pretty full life.

He has a beautiful wife.

And a pretty darn cute son.

He’s danced like no ones’ watching.

And sang like no one’s listening.

And rocked a lego costume like the best of them.

He has found his true passion: running.

And coaching running.

He has faced his fears.

And witnessed the Giants win the World Series. Twice.

But what I admire most is that even when life throws him a tantrum, he manages to keep going with a smile on his face.

Conor is going to run 30 miles to celebrate his 30th birthday. And probably drink some Bud Lights after. I’d say I have the coolest brother around.

Happy Birthday Conor! Love you lots. I only wish I could be there to celebrate with you.

  1. Oh my goodness cousin, this post is very heart warming and pulls at my heart strings all at once! I am blessed to have such sweet cousins in my life. Happy belated birthday to Conor, and thanks for sharing the love.

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