Friday Fünf {kitchen must-haves}

I haven’t quite figured out the focus of this column yet, so I’m just making it up as I go…sound good?


This week my iPhone didn’t have any interesting pictures to post…I guess I wasn’t as snap happy as usual. Instead of a weekly life update, I’m going to tell you about these 5 kitchen utensils that I missed dearly during our move. Though our temporary housing had a kitchen, the basic kitchen essentials didn’t live up to my standards. I know, I know, I should probably add a #firstworldproblems to that statement. That aside, I’m still going to tell you what I would add to the kitchen must-haves list.

1. A microplane grater. It’s just so much easier to grate…and how would you zest without one? It doesn’t work, I tried.

2. Measuring cups & spoons. Can’t bake without ’em. Enough said.

3. An immersion blender. Or a regular blender. Smoothies, soups, and margaritas are necessary.

4. Good knives. These ones above are one of the 3 things on my wedding registry. I swear the fun factor of cooking increases ten fold when you use good knives. Bad knives cause frustration, not relaxation.

5. A Cast-Iron Skillet. I used to hate my skillet because it was so heavy, but I got over it and won’t go back. You can read all about the greatness here.

And there we have our Friday Fünf, kitchen supply style.

Happy weekend everyone!




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