Thanksgiving Placecards Three Ways

This Thanksgiving is going to be quite an affair. The location is 81st and Columbus, at the start of the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade. The guest count is 30+, the menu is planned, rentals ordered, caterer ready, and the decor is in the works. The most interesting fact is that this will all be held in my aunt’s new, still-in-renovation apartment, so it is completely bare. She is quite the party planner, and with the help of my cousins, I am sure this Manhattan Thanksgiving will be a memorable one. 

My normal contribution to the Thanksgiving decor is placecards, but due to the size of the party, it is unsure whether it will be a sit down dinner. I couldn’t resist making them anyways, so we will probably use them as decoration to spruce up the studded walls. This year, I decided to use materials that were easily found on my walks home: leaves. I spray painted, added a tag, and voila; a festive placecard. 


I don’t think I will be able to fit pumpkins in luggage, but I found that they are also good tag-holders for a placecard. t3

Plus you can just draw directly on them, and they look pretty cute. t2

If you want to make some placecards for your Thanksgiving tables, check it out the full tutorial here! 




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