Double Date: Bacon Wrapped and Goat Cheese Filled

Dates are my best friend during detox season. They are the most delicious, naturally sweet fruit out there and they deserve an award. When ground with almonds and cinnamon, they make yummy bites of sweetness to curb your sugar cravings. But due to my giant sweet tooth, I managed to over-dose on the cinnamon date balls this month and it was time to find a new date recipe. 

That is when I re-discovered bacon-wrapped dates. I’d never made them myself, but I’ve had them before and forgot just how wonderful they are. I’ve gotten back on the Paleo/Whole30 bandwagon, and these are totally approved, as long as you get the good stuff (meaning organic/nitrate-free). 

bacon wrapped dates - 5

I have to say that I thought this whole eating like a cave-man thing was ridiculous at first, but I honestly feel better, am more energetic, have the best skin I’ve ever had, and as an added bonus, I’m back to pre-holiday weight. I haven’t been perfect, and you will still see many recipes that do not comply (hello, cookies & cake!), but I’m going for the 80/20 approach…80% paleo, 20% splurge (or maybe 70/30?) The blog will most likely include the 20%. Dessert is way more fun to talk about in my opinion. So let’s talk about this sweet and salty treat!

To bacon-wrap your dates, you first need to take out the pits. 

bacon wrapped dates - 2

Cut your bacon in thirds or halves, depending on the size of your bacon. Wrap the bacon around your date and place on a baking sheet, flap side down. 

bacon wrapped dates - 3

Bake at 350 for 10-15 minutes, or until the bacon is fully cooked.

bacon wrapped dates - 4

I decided to make a second kind since I was bringing them to book club. I feel like I should put “book club” in quotation marks, since it’s merely a name for a women’s potluck. The second date recipe is one my cousin introduced me to, featuring goat cheese and almonds. Layer a little goat cheese, top with an almond, and boom. Another delicious date. 

bacon wrapped dates - 7

bacon wrapped dates - 9

If your feeling crafy, make some cute little name cards and toothpick them into your dates!

bacon wrapped dates - 8

That’s what I call a good double date. 

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  1. The first time that I had bacon wrapped dates was at your house on Christmas Eve. Your mom made them and I remember eating alot, and I wanted more but didn’t want to be a pig. I also have a picture magnet of the party. I think it was the year 2000, or 2001…

  2. Oh my gosh, my cousin brought bacon wrapped dates as an appetizer on Thanksgiving and they were delicious! So simple, but so good. I love salty and sweet, so it was the perfect app for me. I love the little signs you made. Too cute. And good for you for sticking with paleo! I bet it’s much easier with the 80/20 approach.

  3. Yesss!! I requested goat cheese stuffed bacon wrapped dates for baby shower treats. So many yummy combinations are possible!

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