A Weekend in London & Bath

I recently took one of those Buzzfeed quizzes that told me where I should actually be living. I got London. Just my luck, we already had a weekend trip planned to London & Bath in late January so I could check out this perfect place for me. Is my love of tea reason enough to move?

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 3.35.52 PM

It just might be. We didn’t end up spending too much time in London, but we had just enough time for tea tasting with fresh date treats…

photo (6)

And a sushi dinner. With miso soup in a tea cup. squeel! I’m not all that giddy of a person, but there is something about cute tea cups that get me everytime…

photo (5)

And finally, some much needed Primark shopping. I guess they sometimes refer to it as Pri-Armani, which sounds similar to us calling Target; Tar-je. Making cheap and awesome stores sound fancy schmancy.

photo (7)

On Friday afternoon, we took a quick hour and a half train ride to Bath. Our original intent was to go to Bath and Stonehenge, but it turns out you can’t rent a car if you need to return it after 1pm on Saturday or anytime on Sunday. I love European lazy Sundays, but I do miss the ease of stores being open on the weekends! Upon arrival, we enjoyed a delicious Italian dinner at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant, and beers (& cider on tap for me!) at The Raven


No rental car meant we were stuck in the city of Bath. But how I loved being stuck in the city of Bath! (did that sound British? I must be catching on). We started out the morning with a delicious English breakfast at the Dorian House B&B (remember those shortbreads I talked about?). We then moseyed along the main street to meet our tour guide for our free walking tour of Bath. You never know what you are going to get when the word “free” is attached, but it was a great tour…city sponsored. two hours, and no tips allowed!


We learned all about the magical hot spring that the Romans discovered. They proceeded to build Baths and a temple around the city. Pretty, right?

photo (8)




We saw the beautiful Georgian architecture of Bath, including the Royal Crescent.


And we ended our touring day with high tea. I devoured the bottom tier of the three-tiered beauty (the sandwiches) and was about to dive into tier two (the scones) when we were evacuated from the building due to a fire. I was less worried about the fire than I was about getting back to the table to my scones and devonshire cream. Luckily, everything turned out just fine…a false fire alarm and safe scones. Unluckily, the lone man at the table (who tried every excuse to avoid a girly high tea) got stuck with the bill.


photo (4)

We headed to the bar to regain his manlihood. We drank beers, ate meat pie, and met some local Bath residents that love American football. And the manly man was back in his element. 

meat pie

We would have missed out on a wonderful city had we been able to rent a car. And that just goes to remind us that everything happens how it is supposed to! 

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  1. As being part of the trio – we were all suprized how a “Well, should we go to bath for the weekend?” turned out to be a great weekend and we even said it might deserve a repeat. Fun to look back at the pictures.

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