DIY Egg Carton Daffodils

My friends from the Pacific Northwest always talked about how California didn’t have seasons, but I had no idea what they meant. It got cold in winter, warmer in spring, hot in summer, and the leaves fell in fall. Those are seasons, right? Technically, yes, but I now understand what they were talking about: dramatic seasons. The recent transition from winter to spring in Zurich has been a pretty sight to see. I got to ditch the puffy coat, hat, boots, and gloves for a lightweight sweater and tennies. The grey days turned sunny and the brown grass turned green and the flowers have bloomed! Imagine that. I forgot there used to be flowers until they started popping up again. It feels like the cold, grey city turned colorful overnight. People, including me, have started making their way out of hibernation and enjoying the warmer weather.

egg carton daffodils - 30

I absolutely love the tulips around town, but this year, the daffodils have really caught my eye. There seem to be big patches of them everywhere I turn and I can’t complain. They are vibrant yellow and have such an interesting shape. I decided to make some that I could stare at year round, just in case those grey days return. I think they would look pretty darn cute on your Easter table this weekend. Or they could be a great hostess gift if you get to be a guest. Either way, these daffodils are fun to make, and only include a few materials that you might have lying around your house.

egg carton daffodils - 29

You might want to get some blue Ball jars, because I think the yellow flowers and blue vase is a match made in paper flower heaven.  


  • cardboard egg cartons
  • glue
  • yellow pipe cleaners
  • scissors
  • yellow paint
  • green floral tape


1. With strong scissors, cut out the center points of your egg carton. Also, individually cut out each egg holder.

egg carton daffodils - 01

2. Take the individual egg holder and use your scissors to cut rounded petals. Make at least 5 petals.

egg carton daffodils - 07

3. Paint the petals and center points yellow.

egg carton daffodils - 11

4. Once they are dry, glue the center point into the petal.

5. With the tip of your scissors, poke a hole in the center of your flower.

6. Stick the pipe cleaner into the hole until it reaches just past the tip of the center point. Now bend the pipe cleaner at a 90 degree angle on the back of the flower.

7. Take the pipe cleaner out, and with your green floral tape, wrap the tape around the pipe cleaner until you reach the bend.

8. Now reinsert your pipe cleaner into the center of the flower. Adhere the flower to the pipe cleaner with some glue.

egg carton daffodils - 16

9. Repeat as many times as the amount of flowers you want! 

egg carton daffodils - 46

This was also featured on My Girlfriend Guide of Zurich with an easy Easter basket DIY if you want to check it out!

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