DIY Fringe Bikini

We took a mid-winter tropical escape to a little island called Seychelles off the coast of Africa. We marked it our “official” honeymoon since it was a whole week vacation with just the two of us. And a honeymoon it was. We flew in to this tiny airport that felt like we were landing on the set of LOST with the lush greenery and secluded beaches. Those secluded beaches were exactly what made the trip so amazing.  Warm water that was bluer than blue (on the calm days) and stretches of beach that allowed me the option of choosing whatever spot I wanted (shade please! My poor pale skin can’t handle the sun). I read books, made a bracelet, and drank fresh coconut water all the while my fish of a husband was surfing or snorkeling away in the water. Other than beach days, we toured the island, took a snorkeling trip, and wined and dined. No crazy stories, just a perfectly relaxing vacation.

Seychelles - 009

Seychelles - 013

Prior to our honeymoon, I finally finished a project that I started around this time last year. Procrastinators need a deadline and this beach trip was the motivation I needed. Instead of buying a trendy fringe bikini, I decided to make my own. I grabbed an old swimsuit that I still liked, but was just a little tired of. Then I added some fabric, made some fringe, and I was beach ready as ever.

fringe bikini - 18


  • swimming suit fabric
  • strong thread
  • needle
  • decorative thread
  • scissors
  • old bikini top (bottoms are optional)

fringe bikini - 01


1. Buy the fabric about an inch longer width-wish than the length you want the fringe to be. I bought about 6 inches width to make 5 inch fringe. The length will be the length of the fabric roll, which is more than plenty for this project. 

fringe bikini how to

2. Measure your fabric against your swimsuit. Fold about .5 inch if the fabric over the backside and pin it together. Trim off the remaining fabric.

3. With your black thread, do a simple stitch to baste the fabric to the swimsuit. Then with your fun thread, make a more decorative stitch.

4. Once the fabric is stitched on, take your scissors and cut strips about .25 inch thick to make your fringe. 

5. If you want to add fringe to the bottoms of your suit, just repeat those same steps with your leftover fabric.

fringe bikini - 17

And that’s it! How easy was that? I’m sure anyone can finish it faster than me with a little motivation.

6 Responses

  1. I love this idea Caitlin! I’ve been wanting to buy one of those fringe bikini’s, but haven’t been able to find any that fit me right. Now I can just up-cycle one of my old bikinis! Did you just sew this by hand? Because I don’t know how to use a sewing machine. I’m totally doing this!

    1. yes, do it! it’s super easy hand sewing so you just need some needle and thread. Send me a pic when you finish!

  2. This is so creative and I would never think this could be a DIY. I love fringe bikinis and your vacay looks absolutely amazing! What a perfect honeymoon. :))


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