Marathon Monday

This time last week, I have to say I was proud to be an American. The Boston Marathon was an incredible experience. It was amazing to be around so many people that came out to support their town, their runners, and stand up against last year’s tragedy. My brother, the runner of the Dunn fam, qualified for Boston in late 2012 and our family decided to make a trip out of it. We wanted to cheer him on as he ran a ridiculous amount of miles (26.2) along side a ridiculous amount of people (35,000 to be exact). We made a pretty good looking cheer squad don’t you think?

boston marathon - 16

boston marathon - 04

boston marathon - 05

I have to say, I didn’t really think that watching a race would be all that interesting. But then you get to your spot, wait, and wait some more. You start to get nervous for your runner. Then you think you must have missed him. But, no! There he is! You can’t help but scream in excitement. 

boston marathon - 06

Conor had a tough race with a few visits to the medical tents, but he said it was the best marathon he has been part of. 

boston marathon - 20

 He might not have had his fastest time, but he is still the fastest Dunn on the run. boston marathon - 03

Conor has to keep training though if he wants to keep up with these boys one day. Ask little Noah how fast runs and he’ll tell you how fast: Superfast! (said in a cute 3 year old voice). 

Though I enjoy the peace and quiet of this Swiss city, I was happy to spend a week in the US to join the loud and proud Americans at an unforgettable event in Boston. 


3 Responses

  1. Awesome…………..a story well told……….it was so fun to be there and enjoy all the wonderful moments with you! Love, Dad

  2. Congratulations Conor!!! (and the rest of the Dunn family….as we know he can not do this without the love and support of his family!)
    Teri Adams
    Boston Proud
    American Proud

  3. Love seeing photos of the family. My how those little guys have grown! My favorite photo is the one with the Adidas logo.
    Can you tell I’m the Mom of an Adidas employee?

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