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Lately, we haven’t had any weekend trips planned, so we have been hanging around Zürich. As much as I love travelling, it’s been nice to enjoy weekends at home. I like using my closet versus a suitcase every once in a while. But travelling sure makes you appreciate the simple joys of being at home. After a whole year in our apartment and Zürich, we’ve started to create some nice little routines.

Jon comes home from work and feeds our new family. Our fish family. We even have babies! See the baby tank? That’s to protect them until they are big enough to not get eaten by the other fish. I’ve never had fish, but they are pretty fun to watch. They didn’t want to sit still for the picture like I asked.


He also waters our plants. I’ve killed approximately 6 plants to date, so he has taken charge. I keep my succulent alive while he grows us lettuce. Equal difficulty I’d say.


Usually we have dinner in because a) I love to cook and b) it’s ridiculously expensive to eat out here. But on occasion we go out, and when we do, I take pictures. Obviously. Last week at Don Leone, I got my food and starting taking pictures. The girls next to us were staring and I figured they just thought I was weird for taking pictures. I’m used to that look. Turns out the servers gave us their meal on accident. Ooops! Good thing I took pictures first and didn’t just dive in. But I kinda wanted hers more than mine…


Saturdays we do errands. Most everything is closed on Sundays, so if we have something to buy, it happens on Saturdays. It’s somewhat a pain to crunch it all in one day, but we always treat ourselves to our favorite Thai food from Chiang Mai. The good thing about stores being closed on Sundays is that we can’t do errands, so we have to be lazy. Always a flip side.


And usually we have some social outing during the weekend (if my homebody of a husband allows it). Recently, our Brazilian friends made us a traditional Brazilian feast. Seasoned and perfectly cooked beef, yummy beans, rice, pão de queijo (cheesy bread deliciousness), and an amazing passion fruit dessert. Once I get the recipe, I’m making it ASAP. We are planning a Mexican fiesta in return. Since we can’t import In ‘n Out, it’s the second best food to represent California, right?

brazil dinner

Happy Weekend! What routines do you enjoy when you are home? 

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