Flip Flop Wine Coasters

I have to say I have a pretty good memory, though it’s not always useful. I’m really good at remembering the date of people’s birthdays, but not necessarily good at wishing them a happy birthday on the actual day. I could also tell you the price of every item of clothing in my closet, but that doesn’t do anyone any good. One thing that I do pride myself in is remembering things people tell me they like. I store it away somewhere in that brain of mine, and bring it back to my attention when their birthday rolls around. The one problem that usually arises from this is that I don’t give myself the proper amount of time to buy or execute said gift. 

flip flop coasters_2

But this time I did it right. My friend showed me a picture of some cute flip flop wine coasters that she saw and liked. She said, “you could probably make these!” This good piece of information was stored away for a few months until her birthday rolled around. We don’t always exchange gifts, but I figured some simple and inexpensive coasters were appropriate. They are pretty silly, but would be fun addition at your next BBQ. Make them different colors and they can serve as wine tags so party guests can find their wine. Or make ’em red, white, and blue for our upcoming holiday!  flip flop coasters_4

Wanna make em? Sure, why not.


  • Foam sticker paper
  • Exacto knife
  • Scissors
  • Sand paper
  • Scrap paper
  • Pencil
  • Hot glue gun


1. Pick out 2-3 pieces of foam paper. 


2. Get out your wine glass and make a flip flop shaped stencil with a piece of scrap paper. 

3. Trace the flip flop stencil onto your foam paper. Cut out the top one with the sticky side down, and the bottom with the sticky side up, because later we will stick them together. 

4. Cut 2 pieces of rectangles for the flip flop straps from your leftover scraps, leaving 1 inch extra for securing them. 


5. Cut out three slits the length of the strap width on the top foam paper in the same place they would be on a flip flop. 


6. Stick the straps in the slits.


7. Fold the extra length under the top paper. 


8. Stick the bottom foam to the top foam to seal the flip flop together. If the strap area is not sticking together due to the thickness, add some hot glue in between to secure it. 

9. Take some sand paper or a sanding square and sand the edges to make them smooth. 


8. There you have it! Feel free to accessorize with diamonds, feathers, or whatever suits you.

flip flop coasters_3


flip flop coasters_1


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    1. i did indeed! it was almost 2 years ago now, and i’m finally getting around to posting it! maybe in 2 more years, i’ll post about your bachelorette sash 🙂

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