friday fünf & a birthday girl!

I’m back in the bay area and it feels so good. I’ve got a packed three weeks that includes traveling on six flights to four states for a 90th birthday party, a wedding, a bachelorette party, and a family vacation to Loon Lake. After 15+ hours flying across the Atlantic back to San Francisco and a wee bit of jet-lag, I figured we could keep this post simple. Let’s not count on my spelling and grammar right now and show you five things I’ve already written around the web! 

I gathered some great party ideas for your next ice cream social


{image via

I re-hashed some of my favorite summer craft ideas.

beach wrap flip flops

{beach wrap and wine coasters

I found some ways to lighten up your pasta

shrimp scampi{image via}

I re-lived our wedding and talked about all the fun DIY elements we included. 


And lastly, I rounded up some better-than-average fruit salads

stone fruits with lavendar syrup.jpg

{image via}

Happy weekend everyone! Have a drink for my 90-year-old Grandma today.

me & gram rehearsal bus.jpg

Preferably a lemon drop. That’s her favorite. Happy Birthday Gram!

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  1. Enjoy your travels! – I am always amazed at your grandma’s age because she looks (and acts) so much younger!

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