DIY Bachelorette Sash

Yet again, there have already been a few weekends this year that I wished it didn’t take a 20-hour travel day to get to the US West Coast. Had it been the usual 2 hour flight from SF to Las Vegas, I would have been at Colette’s Bachelorette party in a heartbeat. I was sad I couldn’t make it, but figured I could send a little something special for the bride-to-be. Plus I wanted to remind my friends that I do exist all the way over here in Switzerland and wish I could be there. I considered sending a glass statue of the infamous bachelorette party mascot that I found, but I worried about it arriving safely in one piece. I ended up going the more PG route.

DIY Bachelorette Sash_3

Enter the Bachelorette sash.

DIY Bachelorette Sash_2

The sash is pretty much the highlight of the outfit as a Bachelorette, so it better be cute! Have some bachelorettes in your life? I suggest skipping the cheap and cheesy sashes for a still cheap, yet classy and personalized one. Well, you can make it cheesy too, just make sure it’s her kind of cheesy. 

DIY Bachelorette Sash_10


  • 1 foot width of Black or white satin material, at least 45 inches length but 60 inches is better
  • String of sequins, 2 times the length
  • Beads
  • Iron on letters (or iron on paper that you can cut out letters)
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine (or needle and thread)

Fold the material in half, lengthwise like a tube, and the shiny material on the inside. Sew a straight line all the way down the tube on the edge, about 1/2-1 inch seam. Iron the whole tube so that the seam is in the middle of the sash. Now turn your tube inside out so you can see the satin side. 

DIY Bachelorette Sash_1

Stitch up the bottom at an angle. 

DIY Bachelorette Sash_6

Now decorate! Iron on some letters, sew on some sequins, and personalize it with their name.

DIY Bachelorette Sash_5

Especially if her name just so happens to rhyme with Bachelorette. 

DIY Bachelorette Sash_4

It turns out that this sash is incredibly versatile. It easily transforms from day to night…

Bachelorette Sash

and pool to club! 

A note to my friends: Hold your wedding and subsequent fun activities off while I live in Switzerland a little longer, mmk? 

Mmk. Thanks. 

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