friday fünf

The wind is whipping, the rain is pouring, the leaves are falling, and the soup is on the stovetop. I just love autumn! But not in mid-August. I’m used to cold summers after living in San Francisco, but at least in San Francisco, a random gorgeous sunny day might be graced upon you in the middle of January. Meanwhile, January in Zürich, I was bundled up in my knee-length down coat during our proclaimed “warm winter”. Despite the bad weather, we have had a couple nice days, and I am still glad to be back in beautiful Zürich. Some highlights…

zurich bridge

The Bürkliplatz farmer’s market was rockin’ and I discovered a new fruit. It’s a type of plum and it’s a winner in my book.

mirabellenWith one weather app calling for thunderstorms and another calling for sun, we decided to take our chances for a day of boating on Lake Luzern. waterskiing

And we are sure glad we did. Even though we could barely move the next day after too many waterski runs. 

lake luzern ski

On our way home, we ran into this crazy moon, situated between the two towers of the Grossmünster. At least rain clouds look cool. 


Happy weekend to all! 

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  1. Just now catching up on all of your vacation posts. Thanks for including that great photo of Collette’s wedding. Especially loved that beautiful gal on the far left. Glad to hear you are back in Zurich and enjoying life.
    Melissa’s Mom

    1. It was great to get to see her in the US! Life is good in Zurich- last weekend Tristen came boating with us! Thanks for introducing us 🙂

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