Aeschbach Chocolatier Tour

What I’m about to tell you may have been the root cause of my recent chocolate overdose I told you about

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Our niece is in town for two weeks and Zurich doesn’t really have two weeks of tourist fun to offer, especially given our summer weather. It was time to start researching outside of the travel books. Good thing I did, because amongst my research, I found something good. Something real good. Chocolate good. I found factory tour of one of my favorite local chocolate shops; Aeschbach Chocolatier

Aeschbach Chocolate Tour_20

The storefront is tucked in an alley along the cobblestone paths of old town Zurich. I have been a few times and I especially love it for its festive packaging and decor. I also get a kick out of the weird combinations that they come up with, though I can’t say I particularly enjoy them. 

Aeschbach Chocolate Tour_4

The Aeschbach factory is very close to Luzern, which is about a 45 minute train ride from Zurich main station. Upon hopping off the train, you can put your google maps away because the smell of chocolate will lead the way. Yaaa, that may be an exaggeration, but the factory is pretty hard to miss. 

Aeschbach Chocolate Tour_1

We headed upstairs to the ChocoWorld for our self guided tour. There were explanations of the chocolate making process along the way and to keep things interesting, they provided us with chocolate taste tests at almost every stop.

Aeschbach Chocolate Tour_2

There were big windows along the tour that peered into where the real chocolate making was taking place. A very nice Swiss lady started telling us exactly what was going on down there. You know those cute animal shaped chocolates? 

Aeschbach Chocolate Tour_21

Well those are hand painted. 

Aeschbach Chocolate Tour_10

There were other fun things along the tour, like the donkey that gave you a chocolate Swiss coin.

Aeschbach Chocolate Tour_7

And the artwork completely made out of chocolate. 

Aeschbach Chocolate Tour_8

Aeschbach Chocolate Tour_9

And the best part of all was the ChocoPlus option. Not only do you get to enjoy the tour and samples, you get to make your own bar of chocolate! And it’s no skimpy bar of chocolate. They give you 200 grams of pure bliss. Dark, milk, or half and half?

Aeschbach Chocolate Tour_14

Oh, the toppings! The options were abundant and colorful which would make for a pretty piece of artwork, but I was more worried about taste. The only fruit and chocolate mixture I want is chocolate covered strawberries. Otherwise, keep the fruit away from my chocolate bar. 

Aeschbach Chocolate Tour_11

So I loaded up on nuts, caramel pieces, more chocolate, and Maldon salt.

Make Your Own Chocolate

On our way out, we found the hidden gem. Not one, but TWO chocolate fountains. Add some corn flakes or rice crisps and call it love…and call the doctor. We were officially sick of chocolate. But it was all worth it. 

Chocolate Fountain

Not sick enough to skip the gift shop though. 

Aeschbach Chocolate Tour_5

Aeschbach Chocolate Tour_18

One last stop, one last free truffle, and off we went with chocolate bars in hand and melted chocolate on our fingers. 

Aeschbach Chocolate Tour_19

In my humble opinion, I think the Aeschbach Chocolatier deserves to be included any travel book, because it’s way better than any museum I’ve been to. 

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  1. This is a must do for me, especially since we now know I’ll be visiting once Miss Meliss makes her move to your neck of the woods. I can’t wait!
    Melissa’s Mom

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