The Cute & Quaint Burlington, Vermont

Back when I lived in Buenos Aires, I worked with  a girl who went to college in Vermont. We became good friends and she would never stop raving about the great state of Vermont. I knew nothing about Vermont, so I just listened and didn’t think much about it. She ended up moving back there after our fun adventure in South America and last fall, I had the luxury of visiting her in the lovely town I had heard so much about.


If I hadn’t froze my toosh off in the middle of November, I would be telling you all how I’m ready to pack my bags and move to Vermont. It was just as cute and friendly of a town that could be. Between shopping on Church Street, enjoying tea on the floor of a tea room, eating farm to table at every meal, tasting local beers, cozying up by the fire at our B&B, checking out the local farmers market, and hiking the hills, I found out this small town has so much to offer. 


We stayed at a local bed and breakfast and I believe that had a big part in making the weekend so special. Willard Street Inn is an old brick mansion turned into lodging and I could not say enough good things about it. 



The decor was older, flowery, and a bit funky but it added to the homey and cozy feeling which is just what we needed. Everyday at three in the afternoon, they served fresh baked cookies, tea, and coffee. And they even had a fresh baked cookie waiting for you in your room. Homemade cookies trump hotel chocolates any day of the week. 


The next morning, we had an above-par breakfast. This was a top-of-the-line, better-than-most-restaurants breakfast. First, we were served a basket full of freshly baked breads.


And then we had to make a difficult choice between three delicious breakfast options. I opted for the eggs benedict and was not disappointed. 


With full and happy bellies, we were off to Church Street for some retail therapy. Church Street is strictly for pedestrians which makes shopping easy and enjoyable. There are some of your everyday chains, but most are mom-and-pop shops with unique offerings. As if our morning wasn’t good enough, there was still more goodness to come. 


Like Vermont’s famous beer called the Heady Topper. Drinking from the can is a must. 


A hike for some pretty views. Can you tell how cold I was?


Sitting on cushions, drinking chai tea, eating sweets, and catching up with a good friend. 


Chatting with the wonderful owners of the Willard Street Inn. As it turns out, their daughter is the baker and has her own bake shop, Nibble or Nosh. She gave me a sneak peek of a day in a baker’s life while she got ready for the farmer’s market. 



Visiting the farmers market. Fresh, organic, fun, and funky. 





And delicious dinners out at The Kitchen Table and Leunig’s Bistro that I enjoyed too much to photograph.

Turns out, there are a few places I missed (i.e. the Ben & Jerry’s factory) so, I guess I have to go back someday. And I can’t wait for that day. 

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    1. yes, next time I’m going a little earlier before the cold really sets in! You’d definitely love it though…I can see you writing in one of the cute coffee shops 🙂

    1. I’m excited to explore more of New England now that I know how beautiful it is! Maybe early fall is better for the sake of not freezing though 🙂

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