friday fünf {zürich life}

After a month of visitors and a trip back to the states, I almost forgot that I once had a routine. But now I’m back to our apartment filled with just two, and routine is the current spice of my life. We plan to stay grounded for the whole month of November which will allow us to get excited for more visitors and more travel over the holidays. Staying in town for a change has been a nice way to enjoy this wonderful city we live in. 

Last Friday, these nails were about the extent of my Halloween festivities. It’s relaxing to not have to think of a costume, but I sure do miss dressing up. 

photo (23)

Though I couldn’t stay sad about Halloween for long, because November brought us wine boats! The Expovina offers unlimited wine tasting from wineries all over the world. A cold winter is coming, so we plan to keep ourselves warm with the 18 bottles of wine we bought. 

photo (21)

After drinking wine all day Saturday, we decided we needed to detox at the Hurlimann Thermal Bads. The top floor is a warm pool that overlooks all of Zurich. Underneath are more warm baths, cold baths, steam rooms, showers, and anything else relaxing that you can think of. 

photo (22)

During the week, we’ve had a standing date with Netflix. When you find a good show like Suits, it’s hard not to watch five episodes per night.

black and white suits

Lastly, besides my nail art, things got even girlier. A friend planned a private event at Le Salon for seven of us ladies. Two stylists taught each of us how to do different “everyday” hairstyles for the office, a casual weekend, a party, etc. I have yet to attempt it at home, but if my hair looks good next time you see me, you will know why.  photo (20)

Happy weekend!  

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  1. Yipee! See you in a month! I’ve started on the Christmas baking already. I’ve roasted two pumpkins because of you. The pumpkin bread is way better when I use fresh pumpkin.

  2. Wine boats!? How do we not have something like that in San Francisco!? That would be too fun. And your halloween nail art is perfect. Love that grey color. And I’m going to have to check out Suits! I’m looking for a new Netflix show to binge watch : )

    1. I’m surprised SF doesn’t have them now that you say that! Well at least you always have the wine walks in the east bay. Yes, definitely check out Suits! But wait for some free time because it is hard to stop once you start!

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