friday fünf {zürich life}

Walking on the fallen leaves up in the hills this weekend, it truly felt like fall. Then just a few days later, the holiday lights lit up the city and Christmas had arrived…just like that. When I heard the date of the lighting I felt like it was too early, but the fact that Swiss don’t celebrate Thanksgiving means there is no holiday hold up! I debated whether or not to put up our new fake Christmas tree before turkey day, but I think we must embrace the early start to European Christmas. It’s going up this weekend. 

{a fall walk through züriberg}

friday funf3

friday funf2

{a mid-week holly bush discovery}

friday funf4{a giant panettone tasting at the Slow Food Market}

friday funf1

{our first glühwein of the season}

friday funf5


Happy pre-Thanksgiving weekend, with or without a bit of Christmas decor. 

7 Responses

  1. looks quite festive, i envy u! you are building so many wonderful memories, your children will love all the stories u will share with then. looking forward to a happy life! sososososo

  2. I think the U.S. had an early jump on Christmas this year too. It seems like it was Halloween, then Christmas……wait a minute. What happened to Thanksgiving?

  3. hmmmmm, Glühwein! haven’t had it in ages – I din’t even think I had any last year! Need to change that pronto – after all, a gal has got to keep herself warm in these temperatures, right?

    I didn’t make it to Slow Food Market – how was it?

    1. ah you have to! I just tried the weiss gluhwein this weekend and it was pretty tasty as well. The slow food market was good! It would be better for cheese eaters, but I still managed to find some tea and chocolate to take home 🙂

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