DIY Snowman Gift Tags

We just said auf wiedersehen to the Ball family this morning, and this afternoon we welcome the Dunn clan to continue the holiday festivities. My ninety-year-old Grandma is coming all the way here to Zurich, Switzerland from California. I didn’t really think much of it considering she is my always-on-the-move grandmother, but when I told other people, they were amazed. I know my Gram is amazing, but I just pushed it aside thinking that they obviously don’t know anything about her. But the more I think about it, the more thankful and happy I am that she is willing to take an eleven hour flight and travel to the cold of Zurich just to see us for Christmas. 

Snowman Gift Tags_2

So, a special Christmas we will make it. Along with my aunt and cousins, we will spend a few days in Zurich eating all the chocolate and cheese as possible, and then we take the fast train to Paris for a week adventure in the 11th arrondissement. We will probably eat more chocolate and cheese there too, let’s not kid ourselves. And macarons. And pain au chocolat. Can you tell I’m getting a little excited? 

Snowman Gift Tags_3

But before we head to Paris, we have little gifts to open on Christmas day. Normally, we forgo gifts and do a White Elephant gift exchange, but this year’s group of six is not quite big enough. Since I don’t get the chance to wrap presents often, I decided to get crafty and make some cute snowman gift tags. 

Snowman Face

You just need some scrap paper, glue, scissors, and string. Fold a long piece of paper (about 1 inch wide by 10 inches long) like a fan, and connect the ends with glue.

Snowman Tag

Make a snowman face, add a hat and a string, and attach to your gift with the name of the receiver. 

Snowman Gift Tags_3


I hope everyone enjoys the holidays with friends, family, cute presents, and delicious food!

P.S. Short on time but still need gift tags? Check out my post on cute printable gift tags.

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