friday fünf {new year}

It’s amazing how the clock turns to a new year and I suddenly have a renewed energy to get my butt in gear and attempt to make it better than the last. So far, it has been productive, exciting, and tiring all the same time, but I have to say it’s off to a good start. I made the least daunting new year’s resolution yet, so I have no complaints. This year I am simply having more fun. Learning new skills, remembering that less is more, and taking advantage of living in Switzerland without a full-time job (instead of feeling guilty about it!).

{the family all dressed up for Christmas Eve dinner}

friday funf jan 91

{touring Paris in a Citroën 2CV}

friday funf jan 95

{planning the year with my latest kickstarter purchase

friday funf jan 93

 {learning a new(ish) skill}

friday funf jan 92

{excited to start a new year with this guy in this city} 

friday funf jan 94

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Oh, you got a passion planner! How do you like it? I have been considering it, and looking at it, and almost bought it three times. But I already have a blog planner, a variety of productivity apps and a slew of notebooks, so I cannot decide if I actually need this or not. Is it awesome?

    1. I absolutely love it! The best part was sitting down and actually writing out my goals and putting them in the calendar. I would recommend it! Or just download the pdf and do some of the goal setting on your own.

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