friday fünf {surviving winter}

Heading into my first real winter in Zurich, I was given survival advice from a friend. Her winters in Vermont are even colder than mine, but the advice is just the same; embrace the snow. Find activities you like to do outside, even in the winter. Our first winter, I was happy to cozy up inside every weekend, but this year, I decided it was time to take action on that advice. I’m not a great downhill skier due to my overall fear of falling off the edge of the mountain, but it turns out downhill skiing isn’t the only option (though you would think it is from how people talk about it here). This year I’ve tried cross-country skiing, sledging (sledding on 3+ mile runs), and winter walking. Snow-shoeing and winter hiking are next on my list. As much as I love being outside for part of the day, I’ve found my personal favorite part about Swiss winter: the spa. It seems that Europeans love the sauna, hot tubs, and steam rooms, and I have happily gotten on board. What better way to embrace winter than embracing the warmth of a spa? The combination of the cold outdoors and warm spa is pretty perfect, and I have to say, I’ve truly enjoyed our winter so far. 


 {my little sledding buddy in Linzerheide, Switzerland}


{pretty snow patterns and new furry boots in Zurich}


{sunny lunch at Berg Schatzalp in Davos, Switzerland}


{hot chocolate by the fire at The Chedi in Andermatt, Switzerland}

IMG_4311 {sunrise in the tiny village of Balderschwang, Germany}

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  1. Gorgeous photos! I’ve only tried cross country skiing once but loved it (i’m terrified of real skiing/snowboarding). A spa afterwards would make me love it even more 🙂

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