Läderach {swiss chocolate shop tour}

According to the Confectionery News, the average Swiss person ate 9 kg // 20 lbs. of chocolate in 2014, which is roughly 209 regular-sized (43g) chocolate bars. Chocolate shops line the streets of Zurich and whole grocery store aisles are dedicated to chocolate bars, so its no wonder that Switzerland has consistently held the crown of most chocolate consumed per capita.


I can happily say I’m keeping up with the chocolate-loving Joneses. I knew when moving to Switzerland that I would inevitably consume more chocolate, but I never knew that I would consistently have a few chocolate bars in my cupboard, giving me a nice selection for choosing my daily after dinner dessert. I think part of this increased chocolate bar consumption has to do with the fact that the Swiss baked goods are not nearly as appealing as my beloved American brownies and chocolate chip cookies. But the other, more important, reason is that Swiss chocolate is simply the most delicious in all the land. Not that I’m biased or anything.


Zurich doesn’t offer too many tourist attractions, but I truly believe that the chocolate makes up for it. In wanting everyone to know why I love this city so much, I decided that I’m going to take you on a virtual tour of all my favorite chocolate shops in town. You will quickly get an idea of why Swiss consume so much chocolate, yet it will leave you wondering how they maintain their figures.


First up, we have Läderach.


Läderach was the first shop I ever laid eyes on, as it was right next our first hotel, for that first interview that brought us here to stay. Läderach immediately grabs your attention by displaying large bricks of chocolate right next to the window, just begging you to come in and try a piece. Giant sheets of chocolate topped with everything you could ever want to pair with chocolate…almonds, hazelnuts, m&m’s, cornflakes, dried fruit, peppercorns, chilies…need I say more?


Their tagline is “So Frisch,” and so fresh it is. Fresh chocolate that melts in your mouth and doesn’t allow you to just eat a little bit.


Though they are most known for their bricks of chocolate, they also carry beautiful truffles and pralines, nicely arranged in a curved display. They have multiple stores that are spreading beyond Switzerland, each very spacious and modernly designed. And as with most chocolate shops, every season dons a newly shaped chocolate, such as these bunnies ready for Easter.



Läderach just opened up a new shop at Stadelhofen, near my apartment, which also happens to be on my walk home.


I’m going to have to avert my eyes or else I might be buying daily chunks of “so frisch” schokolade.

10 Responses

    1. wow, i can’t believe that! The window display was immediately way too tempting for me to resist. Try the cornflakes milk chocolate, it’s my fave.

  1. Ah yes, impossible to resist all the chocolate spots in Zurich!
    The most dangerous Läderach for me is the one in the Main Station, since I have to walk past it to get to my train! Hello, lovely chocolate sheets with everything on, come to mama. I have not been there since my Celiac diagnosis because I am scared of cross-contamination, and I am just as scared to ask and receive the blank stare, then “you are crazy” stare, so I have been literally looking away and humming while passing the window in an effort to distract myself… which I am sure doesn’t make me look any less crazy 😉

    1. Aw man that must be tough! I hope you have found some non-contaminated & delicious chocolate! Ya, I know that stare…I asked for coconut milk yogurt at the reformhaus today and she looked at my like I was crazy.

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