friday fünf {zürich life}

This week we celebrated Sechseläuten, which involves the burning of a giant snowman (better known as the böögg) in the center of Zurich. This 100+ year old tradition says that the faster the snowman burns, the better summer we will have (similar to groundhog’s day). I had yet to watch the actual event, but this year’s celebration landed on a beautiful day which gave me reason enough to walk over and meet friends for the burning of the Böögg. It burned for 20 minutes, which isn’t promising for our summer, but at least we were able to enjoy the summer-like weather this week.  

friday funf-3

{the start to our weather-pending weekly picnics in the park}

friday funf-2

{making sun tea!}

friday funf-6

{my favorite flower in full bloom}

friday funf-4

{weekend full of Mexican food, as requested by the birthday boy}

friday funf-5

{the böögg, before the big burn}

    1. haha ya, it is a bit morbid, but I guess the snowman (in traditional stories) is the one that torments children. So I guess he deserves it?!

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