Truffe {swiss chocolate shop tour}

Truffe is not your average Swiss chocolate shop. The storefront window along the cobblestone streets of old town has you guessing—do they sell chocolate? Home décor? Is it an interior design studio? The mystery will lure you in and the unique offerings will keep you shopping. Not only do they offer luxury chocolate, they also sell jewelry, blankets, scarves, and beautiful fabrics.  


The “Schokolade & Lifestyle” store is already one-of-a-kind in Zurich. But they’ve differentiated themselves even more by focusing their chocolate selection on dark chocolate. Dark chocolate? In the land of milk chocolate? Say what?! Well, I know some people that appreciate it.


Like me, for example. I can’t resist a high quality 70% or darker bar of chocolate. And if we are being totally honest, I usually don’t go a day without a piece.


The distinctive packaging of the chocolate bars makes for a beautiful display and a perfect gift item. They carry Swiss brands such as Nobile, Reichmuth Von Reding, and Max Chocolatier, as well as some international brands. To go with the chocolate, they have display stands, books about chocolate, and antique chocolate containers.

Truffe_Collage1 Truffe_5

If you can make it past the chocolate section, you are in for a cozy treat. Truffe offers handmade blankets, pillowcases, and select textiles. You can even find yourself a piece of vintage jewelry. 

Truffe_Collage2 Truffe_10

Are you ready for the insider’s tip? Order a hot chocolate for the road in the winter months. The owner, Elisabette, makes a fresh batch daily when the weather is chilly. I can attest to its creamy and dark deliciousness. 


Truffe offers a refreshing reminder that life is luxurious…so we might as well enjoy it with luxury chocolate!

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8 Responses

  1. Beautiful pictures. When we visit I want to go to Truffle. Blankets look exquisite. Did you give Elizabette your site? I am sure she would appreciate the wonderful pictures. Good camera huh?

    1. I think that can be arranged! Pretty darn good camera. Thank goodness for a father-in-law that likes to continually buy new gadgets!

  2. Love the herringbone pattern pillowcase. Super cute. Love dark chocolate so much. The hell with milk!

    1. haha i can’t say that too loud living over here, but that’s what I’m thinking too! can’t wait to see you soon!

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