friday fünf

I finished up two years of yoga teacher training last weekend and this week, I’ve been relaxing. I sure as heck don’t miss taking tests. Growing up, the morning of a big test or sports tryout, my dad would stick a note of encouragement on my bathroom mirror. I moved them to the side of the mirror and never took them down because I just loved seeing them everyday. Even through distance, he managed to get my note to me. He brightened up my day and gave me the encouragement I needed for the big weekend. I hope someone brightens your weekend too 🙂 

Friday Funf_Dad's Note

{post-it note on the bathroom mirror}

Friday Funf_1

 {my husband trying to keep up with my dad}

Friday Funf_Yoga Cookies

{warrior pose yoga cookies for the celebration}

Friday Funf_Brisket Ribs

{finally found some bbq in zurich at brisket}

Friday Funf_Strawberry Fields {picking strawberries with the ladies}

  1. Congrats! Love seeing your life from afar, and the famous post it notes in Zurich! I always loved seeing them on your bathroom mirror on Highland Drive, great tradition I will have to pass on to Avni. xoxo

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