Three Health Tips for the Holidays

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The countdown has begun…time for last minute shopping, gift-wrapping, and food prep. We already had our 12 Days of Healthy Christmas, but now I have three health tips for the holidays with three days left before the big day. 

Focus on your company.

It’s possible you only see your holiday crowd a few times a year. So take the time to talk to each person, asking him or her questions, telling them about your life, just plain ‘ole catching up. The more connections you create, the less need you will have for the appetizer plate or the excess booze.

Know that all will go back to normal soon.

If you are kind to yourself after going a little overboard on the holiday goodies, you will be more likely to get right back on track. And a few weeks of normal eating should get your body back to where it started. The guilt and shame won’t help with healthy eating (remember?) so just remind yourself that you are only human. Holiday weight gain is very common, but not undoable.

Just throw it out.

When the day is over, the guests are gone but the leftovers remain. Are you filled to the brim with creamy appetizers, chocolates, and cookies? Don’t be afraid to throw them out. I know, I hate food waste too. But if you are eating unhealthy foods just because they are there, it’s no good for anyone. Don’t be a human trashcan, use the trash for that! Or try to find someone to give leftovers who will appreciate it.

Most of all, enjoy yourself!!

And if family drama hits, sing what my aunt taught me; “Let it go, Let it go, Let it go!

Happy Holidays! 

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