3 Reasons to Eat Salmon

Za'atar Salmon & Broccoli with Tahini-3

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I usually eat salmon once a week on Tuesday, because that is when I can get the freshest salmon at the farmer’s market (granted it’s flown into our landlocked country). But after spending a week in Scandinavia, where the salmon was unbelievably fresh and was served with practically every meal, I started thinking about how I need to eat more salmon. My reasons for eating more salmon* combine science and practicality, which hopefully can encourage anybody to eat salmon on a regular basis. 

It’s loaded with health benefits.

I’ve studied over 100 dietary theories, and salmon was a recommended food in practically all of the diets. Between the Omega 3 fatty acids (which help your heart, brain function, arthritis, and more), the vitamin D, and the selenium, it seems you can’t lose! If you don’t like salmon, it’s time to start trying it again because it’s a winner in my book (and a lotta other books). 

It makes an easy dinner.

I teach yoga on Tuesday nights, so when I get home around 8, I’m hungry and want to eat! Salmon is perfect for that, because I can have the whole meal prepped, baked, and served in 20 minutes. I prep the salmon and veggies while the oven heats (5 minutes), then bake the salmon on the bottom shelf, roast the veggies on the top shelf, and 15 minutes later, dinner is ready! And everyone is happy.

It is versatile.

Salmon can be seasoned in so many ways to satisfy any craving. Asian? Teriyaki salmon. Mexican? Lime cilantro salmon. Middle Eastern? Za’atar salmon. Simple? Salt and pepper with a squeeze of lemon salmon. French? Salmon en papillote. Italian? Pesto salmon. See what I mean? Pick a theme, any theme, and it will fit the mold!

*I suggest buying wild-caught salmon when possible.

What’s your favorite way to enjoy salmon?





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