Healthy Spring Must-Haves


Things are getting spring-y around here and I’m not complaining. And that’s not a figure of speech: I literally stopped complaining…probably because most of my complaining had to do with being cold. It’s a crazy thing what a little sunshine can do to lift the mood of the whole city, and inspire me to be a little better at life. Like spring clean that closet, eat some more greens, get some more movement into the day, be a little nicer, plan some more social activities. I still can’t get over the flowers that just decide to pop up out of nowhere, like they were playing hide and seek all winter and waited ‘til March to reveal themselves. Our daffodils just hid in the dirt for 10 months until they were ready to show their stuff. Seeing as I’m loving spring and all that it has to offer, I figured I’d show you what else I’m loving this season.

Hanging Succulents

Our hanging succulents. They aren’t quite like these, but the fact that they are hanging from the ceiling, through my kitchen window makes even more reason to love being in my kitchen.

Produce bags

These market produce bags. I get a little embarrassed using these at the farmer’s market, but I tell myself that I’m saving the world, one plastic bag at a time.

Eat Pretty Book

This book. It talks all about the best foods to help you look and feel your best, and in good timing since more skin will be showing soon!

Jane Iredale Mascara

My mascara. I bought this (as well as the conditioner) after I got my makeup done for the photoshoot and I love it. It stays on a long time, comes off easily, and is EWG approved…which brings me to my next one.


The Healthy Living app (formerly called Skin Deep) made by EWG (the Environmental Working Group). Especially with sunscreen season fast approaching, I’ve been scanning all the products to see which has the least amount of weird chemicals and is least harmful to the environment. I have yet to find a natural sunscreen I can rave about, but I’ll let you know as soon as I do! (suggestions welcome!)


The Sworkit app. One more app that’s a must have. I saw it on Shark Tank and it’s genius. You say how many minutes you have to workout, what you want to focus on, and it makes a workout for you, plus collaborates with your Spotify app for good tunes!


The Veggetti. Normally I get ridiculous White Elephant gifts, but this one was far from it. I’ve been making zucchini noodles right and left, and I love that it’s not a giant contraption taking up precious space in my kitchen like some of the spiralizers out there. Gotta love the “as seen on tv” products.

Cook Nourish Glow

This cookbook. Amelia Freer knows good and simple food. And she even “likes” my posts on Instagram when I tag her. Yep, I’m starstruck by cookbook authors and food bloggers.

Cacao Nibs

Cacao nibs. Eat chocolate all day long. Enough said.

Tell me, what are you loving this Spring season?

*This post contains some affiliate links, which means I get a tiny profit if you decide to buy, but rest assured, I’m only posting things that I love!  

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