It’s Official. We’re Quitting Dieting for Good.


I hear things all too often that make me sad, mad, angry, and frustrated at the world we live in. Women making comments about how fat they are…

…talking about how they are going to “go Paleo” because that sounds like a good weight loss tool

…skipping happy hour because they can’t drink this week and don’t want to be tempted

…complaining about working out, but forcing themselves to because they want to eat pizza later

…pondering whether it’s better to eat lowfat, sugar-free, vegan, or gluten-free

…saying they skipped a meal to save calories

…or being completely honest about their inability to feel in control around food.

This makes me sad, mad, angry, and frustrated because we live in a world where diets are offered to us as the only option to ever get the body we want…and be happy in the skin we are in. We live in a world where being thin is the ideal, underweight is even better, and fat is shamed. We live in a world where the foods we are sold have been processed so much, that we have little choice in the chemicals that are going into our body, leaving us sugar addicted and full of pesticides.

See why I’m sad, mad, angry, and frustrated?

We don’t have to live in this world. We can block out the media. We can make our own choices about what is beautiful. We can decide what is good for our bodies. And we can choose what we put in them.

But we have to make a mental shift. We’ve been told and shown this way of thinking, this diet mentality and ideal body image, for so long that it’s engrained in our system. We have to strip away the brainwash. We have to learn that you don’t have to diet to lose weight. And you definitely don’t have to be a certain size to be beautiful.

Since being sad, mad, angry, and frustrated doesn’t do anyone any good, I’m doing something about it. I want to help. I want to help women feel like their best selves. I want to help them live like they are already in the body they desire. I want to help women learn to love their bodies, be kind to their bodies, and treat them how they deserve to be treated. I want women to choose healthy foods because they know their body feels great when they eat them. And I want them to choose to eat dessert or french fries because it’s going to make their tastebuds so happy.

I want to help women QUIT DIETING FOR GOOD.

So, I’m gonna. I’m gonna help women do just this. Because I’ve been there and I know exactly what it’s like to be on the other side. {Read more about my diet struggles here}


I’ve been working my lil toosh off to bring this amazing new group program to all of you that want to free yourself from diets. To all of you that want to feel amazing in your own skin. To all of you that want to rid yourself of guilt and shame when you eat “bad” foods. To all of you that want to start taking care of yourself, so you can best take care of your loved ones. To all of you that want to stress less about what foods you “should” be eating.

Could that be you?

If it is, I want you to head over here, check out all the nitty gritty details, and get ready for 6 weeks of coaching that will allow you to let go of restriction and start enjoying food and your body in a whole new light.

It’s not on sale yet, but it will be at 12am PST / 3am EST / 9am CET on Monday morning. Do you want to be the first to know, along with some extra perks? Sign up for the waitlist here.

Want to learn more about it in my Webinar on Sunday? And receive exclusive webinar-only bonuses?? Then join the last few days of the challenge here.

I can’t wait to work with amazing women that are ready to make change and live a better life because of it.

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