Lemon Arugula Pasta

Most days, I want a fuss-free healthy lunch that I can whip up in a few minutes. I purposely try to make extra dinner for this reason – leftovers for lunch – but when I don’t have leftovers, I have to figure something else out. A lovely salad for summer lunch would be ideal, but sometimes that simply involves too much chopping and too many ingredients. So I found my new go-to spring/summer lunch that takes no more than fifteen minutes to prepare and satisfies all my cravings.

This lemon arugula pasta is light and refreshing, and requires minimal ingredients that you most likely have on hand. You might be thinking you don’t usually have arugula on hand, but hopefully you have some sort of greens in the fridge such as spinach or chard. Along with pasta, ghee/olive oil, lemon, tomatoes, and (cashew) Parmesan, you are good to go.

I’m a big fan of brown rice pasta or lentil pasta, which gives your lunch a boost of protein (or a mixture, as shown here). If you are not using cashew parmesan, be sure to add a few chopped nuts, beans, or meat to give you the protein energy you need for the rest of the day. 

Time saving tip: double the recipe and eat it as a cold pasta salad tomorrow! That makes not one, but two meals in fifteen minutes. 

A quick and gourmet lunch is served.

Lemon Arugula Pasta
Serves 1
Lemon arugula pasta is a summer pasta dish that can be easily whipped up with items in your fridge and only fifteen minutes of your time.
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Total Time
15 min
Total Time
15 min
  1. 1 serving pasta of choice (I use brown rice pasta)
  2. Juice from ½ lemon, or more to taste
  3. 1-2 teaspoons ghee
  4. 1 teaspoon olive oil
  5. (or replace ghee+olive oil with a tablespoon of fat of choice)
  6. Handful of cherry tomatoes
  7. Handful of arugula
  8. Cashew Parmesan (or parmesan if eating dairy)
  9. Salt and pepper
  1. Boil the pasta according the package directions. While the pasta is boiling, prepare the rest of the ingredients.
  2. Drain the pasta when ready and place into a bowl. Using the same pot, melt the ghee and olive oil. Add the cherry tomatoes and let them cook for 1-2 minutes. Turn off the heat. Add the lemon juice, arugula, and the cooked pasta into the pot. Stir until the arugula has wilted to your liking. Pour back into the bowl, top with Parmesan of choice and salt and pepper to your taste.
  1. *If you don’t have Parmesan on hand, pinenuts would be great, or chopped nuts of choice.
  2. **Tomatoes aren’t necessary if you don’t have them.
Caitlin Ball https://caitlinball.com/
Lemon arugula pasta is a summer pasta dish that can be easily whipped up with items in your fridge and only fifteen minutes of your time.

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