5 Ways to Create More Time in Your Busy Schedule

Today, I want to talk to all you busy people out there.

All of you that “don’t have time.” You don’t have time to move your body, you don’t have time to make a decent meal for yourself, you don’t have time to have a morning routine, the list goes on.

I’ve talked to SO many women lately that have told me this…

And I’m calling B.S.

If you want something, you MAKE time for it.

And if you want to feel better in your body and feel awesome about your food choices, you will make time for it.

If you aren’t willing to make time for it, then you just don’t want it that badly.

But there is a reason why you are here, reading this post. And there is a reason why I’m here, writing this post.

I’m here to help you get out of your own way.

I’m here to help you re-prioritize so you have time for everything you want to do.

I’m here to help you become more energized so you can tackle your to-do list AND your passion projects.

So let’s talk about making time for a moment, shall we?

Let me give you 5 ways to create more time in your busy schedule:

1. Stop scrolling Instagram and Facebook all throughout the day.

I know you know this. But I also know you still do it. I hear so many people say they don’t have time to meditate/journal/make breakfast in the morning and my first questions is – how many minutes did you spend on social media when you woke up? Think about it.

You can still use it – of course! But pause before you do, just as you should do before you eat, and decide, “Is this really what I want to be doing right now, and is this going to make me feel how I want to feel?” Then, scroll accordingly.

2. Plan a few nutrient-dense meals.

You know I love intuitive eating and following your cravings, but I also know that the easiest option is often what I crave! Which is why I highly suggest planning a few of your meals each week. You don’t have to spend 3 hours cooking on Sunday for the whole week. But, do a few things one night to save time the next night — like make grains for Tuesday while you are making Monday’s dinner. Make yourself 3 days worth of breakfast at once (overnight oats lovers out there?!). Make a big soup or salad just to have for lunch for the week.

It’s simple, but you have to take 10-15 minutes on Sunday or Monday to plan it out. Those 10-15 minutes will save you 20-30 minutes EACH DAY because you can grocery shop less, stress less, and cook more efficiently. PLUS, think about all the energy you will have from eating home-cooked meals rather than Chinese takeout.

3. Get the support you need.

I recently hired a virtual assistant to help me with a few things in my business. She can do certain projects in half the time I can and it costs less than childcare. I know you all aren’t entrepreneurs but think about things that you might be able to hire out help. Maybe it’s hiring a babysitter for 2 hours every Monday so you can batch cook for the week. You will spend less money on a babysitter than you would on takeout, AND you will be eating meals that will make your body feel good.

Another way to get support is by hiring a coach – like me! Not only do I help my clients with their health goals, I help them get organized in their life so they have the time they want and need to work on their health and happiness. It’s not always easy to find the energy leaks and the time suckers that you are currently trapped in, and that is what I help you discover, and then help improve your habits (and hold you accountable to them!).

4. Meditate.

My most anxious/busy clients are the ones that resist meditation the most, but are also the ones that need it the most. Taking 5-10 minutes a day helps clear your mind so that you will be less scatter-brained and more focused throughout the day. And the more focused you are, the faster it will be to get things done. And the faster you can get things done = more time!!

5. Practice self-care.

I’ve personally been working with a life coach and she reminded me that when I fill up my own cup with my personal self-care practices, everything else will be easier and take less time. And she is right. I thought I didn’t have time for one yoga class per week, or that I shouldn’t take time out of my work day to have lunch with a friend. But doing a few things each day or week that make me feel good and energize me allow me to be more efficient and focused when I do work on my to-do list, as they will for you too.

SO! This is your friendly reminder to stop complaining about how little time you have and start figuring out how to make time for what you want and need in your life.

I’m always here to help – just say the word.

xo Caitlin

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