4 Lessons in Body Confidence from Amy Schumer’s I Feel Pretty

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This past weekend, my husband and I left Cooper with the babysitter and off we went to the movies and a bite to eat. What a luxury such a simple date night is these days!

We decided to watch I feel pretty with Amy Schumer since we both think she is hysterical. And our review is that it did not disappoint! Some good laughs and a silly plot line – exactly what we were in the mood for.

What I didn’t realize is that this movie would inspire me to write you today! I can’t say this movie is the best representation of body positivity as it still exacerbates the thin ideal, but there are a few lessons that I think anyone with low self esteem or lack of body confidence can takeaway.

I won’t give too many spoilers, but I’ll give you the basic plot so you understand. Renee (Amy Schumer) dreams of working on 5th avenue one day, finding a man of her dreams, and being pretty. She doesn’t have much confidence in herself so she is stuck working in a crappy office and feeling bad about the fact that no one wants to date her. One day she falls and hits her head pretty hard and when she looks in the mirror, she has transformed into the most beautiful woman — or so she thinks (in reality she actually looks the same).

So this new Renee has a crazy new self-confidence without any of her outward appearance changing.

Let’s talk about what she does so you can create this same confidence in yourself.

She is so herself that you can’t not love her. 

You know when you meet someone that doesn’t care what anyone thinks and let’s their personality shine through? Don’t you just love when you can tell that someone is being 100% themselves? Even if they aren’t the perfect personality match for you, you can still appreciate their ability to enjoy life to the fullest doing exactly what they love most. So don’t hold back. Be yourself. It’s better to be loved by a few people than liked by all, especially if you don’t have to put on an act everyday.

The guy she is dating says it best, “You just have all the confidence in the world. I think a lot of people completely miss that’s the thing that really makes them awesome.”

She goes after her dreams.

Whether it’s a job you are scared to apply for, a man you are nervous to flirt with, a girl you want to be friends with, an outfit you want to wear, a trip you want to take, a dance class you want to go to… you can have it all at any time. Waiting for that perfect moment when you’ve “lost the weight” or are “prettier” or “have more experience” is not an excuse. No time is better than the present.

She doesn’t turn comments into negative beliefs about herself.

When your confidence is low, you think someone is mean to you because of something you did, whether it’s your looks or personality or whatever. When in reality, however a person treats you is a reflection of themselves or a reflection of what is going on in their life and has nothing to do with you. So don’t let your mind spiral and turn these comments into something they are not.

A personal example of mine is when I first moved to Switzerland, I thought everyone was so cold to me because I was a foreigner. It turns out, the culture here is just different than what I was used to in California. Once I stopped taking it personally, I was able to adjust and enjoy the advantages this different culture has to offer, while still being proud of my American self.

She attracts people with her energy.

So often, people think they have to look a certain way to attract a partner and friends. And if they don’t look that way, they feel bad about themselves, keep more to themselves, and give off low vibes — which in turn means that people barely notice them. But, if they were to walk in the room with high energy, excited for the day, smiling right and left, they would be giving off high vibes which would attract all kinds of people.

So start walking taller, smiling more, ask people how they are doing, and see how that effects your day!

You shouldn’t have to hit your head to realize that you are beautiful as you are. BUT, to get that confidence you desire, you have to start somewhere.

Comment below and let me know — which area(s) are you ready to start working on?

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xo Caitlin

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