Episode #17: Feel Lighter by Decluttering your Home with Amy Kay

In this episode, I talk with Amy Kay, a professional clutter coach, all about how getting rid of physical stuff can free yourself and your mind up to allow room in your life for bigger and better things.

The dieting mentality is very similar to physical clutter. It can weigh you down, cause you stress, and make your life more difficult than it has to be. Once you are free, you feel a huge weight lifted off your shoulders and you have more energy than ever before!

Amy gives us practical tips on how and where to get started, how to decide what to stays and what goes, and how to maintain your clean home once it is finally decluttered.

Whether or not you’ve already watched Tidying Up on Netflix, Amy has some great insight of her own to cleaning up your home for good.

To learn more about Amy’s local and virtual services, check out her website:

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Episode #17: Feel Lighter by Decluttering your Home with Amy Kay

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